Sunday, 11 April 2010

Vanishing comments !!!!!!!!!!!

I apologise profusely (even though it's not actually my fault) but Ive accepted comments from people on here and when I go back to reply, they aren't anywhere to be found.
I thought when it's happened previously that I may have pressed "delete" rather than publish..... but this morning I accepted a comment from Val and it's disappeared.

So -

Val - here is a reply to your comment hahaha

Why not try Tia Maria instead of Baileys??????? DAMN! I might actually do that myself now hehehe
Oh and the doggies are fine. Lorrie has lost loads of weight, and has got her paws well and truly under the table now. She has lots of funny little things about her (like attacking the Dyson and dragging it - and me - round the room when Im trying to clean up) but they are all what make her, well, her!


  1. Tia maria that's an idea lol

  2. Well Im attempting a chocolate trifle this weekend and using Tia Maria instead of sherry - so I'll let you know how that one turns out :-)
    Although knowing me, I'll probably drink the whole bottle and none will end up in the dessert.

  3. Sure, we believe you!
    It could never be mischievousness on your part.
    You just aren't like that.

  4. haha Im expecting a load of random comments to appear next to a future blog and having great fun trying to determine which comment should have gone against which post :-)


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