Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Scaring myself to death !!!

Well last night I couldn't sleep, so I settled down on the sofa to watch some programmes online.

Now why I opted for the programme choice that I did, I will never know. But first I started off with episodes of Most Haunted on You Tube. I find that programme incredibly funny with Derek Acorah trying to look as though he is being possessed, and talking to his Ethiopian spirit guide who's name happens to be Sam (of course I am SURE there were many Ethiopians named Sam several hundred years ago hehehe). Yvette Fielding is so lame, screaming at every sound and attributing these little knocks and bangs (in the early hours, in very old creaky houses I might add) to spirits of the departed trying to make contact with a full film crew.

Anyway, I watched the episodes on Pendle Hill, or (as the Most Haunted team renamed it) Pendle HELL. Now the story of the Pendle witches is very famous around these parts, especially as I live virtually in the shadow of it. For those of you who dont know..........

In the year 1612, at Lancaster gaol, in the English county of Lancashire, ten men and women were hanged for the crime of witchcraft.

The Pendle Witches, as they became known, were believed to have been responsible for the murder by witchcraft of seventeen people in and around the Forest of Pendle.

So at 3am, after watching the melodramatics of the Most Haunted team, and wondering if ghosts/spirits really do exist (because I hadn't been convinced so far), I then decided to search the net for more on ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night.

I am very open minded about these sorts of things, until I have proof either way. Ghosts may exist - they may not. Until I see proof in either direction I shall keep the same opinion.

I will readily admit that in my previous home (a 500 + year old farmhouse) there were a few things that happened that I couldnt provide explanations for. I am very rational and very analytical. Groans in the night I would attribute to the ancient beams moving in the house. Bangs and knocks ........ well pipes contract and expand with the variation of temperature dont they? However, one time my car keys vanished from the hook they were always kept on, and were found in the cutlery drawer (and please remember that I live alone so only I could have moved them) - maybe I had a bit of a brain fart and dropped them in the drawer with the spoons?????

Another time my dog came screaming out of the bedroom with his tail between his legs and all his hackles up and stood in the doorway growling and snarling into the dark corridor. He then point blank refused to go back in that room for 2 days - and this is the dog that wont be parted from me for 5 seconds and insists on sleeping on the bed with his head on my feet. NOTHING would tempt him to cross the corridor into my room and he slept on his own in the lounge.

Friends of mine have said that they have seen figures walking around in the lounge and someone standing in the shadows from the passageway - but in all the time that I lived there, I never saw anything. And odds are that if something unworldly was sharing my home, in all those years I surely would have seen SOMETHING!!!!

So here I sat, looking at videos and photos and reading stories of scary happenings, and getting a bit twitchy, when all of a sudden there was an almight crash from the kitchen. I jumped off the sofa and stood on the dog - who then shrieked which made me scream. It didnt help that all the lights were off too. The house is haunted and Im being punished for not believing!!!! I have a poltergeist !!!!!

My ghost/poltergeist/evil entity turned out to be a potatoe that had rolled out of the bag on top of the microwave and landed in a pan on the draining board!!!