Monday, 12 April 2010

Glorious April

I cannot believe how beautiful the weather is at the moment. I went into Blackburn on Saturday with my friend to do a bit of the old retail therapy....... and would you believe it was 25 degrees?????

Probably not hot compared to Winter in somewhere like Australia or Africa maybe - but unheard of over here for this time of year.

The only down side was ........ all the weekend visitors to the village who were hiking had pasty white legs hanging out of the bottom of karki coloured shorts. NOT a great look.
Which made me realise that I need to get a bit of colour into my OWN legs for the coming summer. Im lucky that I go really brown - but following a friend of mine having a skin cancer scare a few years ago, I stopped sunbathing. I still catch the sun on my face and arms - I cant really avoid it given my outdoors lifestyle and occupation. And I usually suffer from "Van drivers arm"........ I always have my right arm resting on the window of my car when Im driving in the summer, so inevitably that goes a lot browner than the left one. MUST stop doing that as they look like "before and after" shots.
But as for the rest of me..........I discovered the wonderful world of spray tans and fake tans.
My first experience of a spray tan wasnt what I expected. I opted for "Fake Bake" as the advertisement in the beauty therapists said all the stars were using it and it gave a natural deep tan with the look of an island holiday.

I dont know WHICH island they were talking about - as I ended up covered in streaks - maybe there is some place in the world called Zebra Island?????

I looked like I was just grubby - rather than tanned. And will say that it was absolutely minging. The worst part of the whole sordid episode was that they make you wear these horrid paper knickers that you can throw away afterwards (like you'd want to keep them?????? yuk) and you have to stand in a cubicle after being sprayed, with your arms out at the shoulder, and your legs sort of bent so you dont end up with 2 white diamonds at the back of your legs if you've got a flabby bum.
Talk about traumatic.
I then forked out another £45 for a St Tropez tan - dear lord - I was a lovely chavvy orange colour and it took ages before I could get the last remnants of it off.
But then - I came across Ambre Solaire spray on self developing fake tan. It's fantastic - and I can recommend it to anyone wanting to look like they have a natural tan rather than like they've been Tangoe'd.
Just one point to make............ DONT apply it when you have dogs around as Lorrie started trying to lick it off my legs last night and Ive woken up this morning looking like a Zebra all over again :-)
.........maybe the jeans will be staying on for a few more days after all!!!!


  1. Fun post. Jax the Zebra hahaha.
    I don't know about 25 being cold we had 18 degrees here. Everyone was whining about how cold it was.
    But we have just come off a record of over 120 days over 20 degrees.
    Then again up north people reach for a jumper when it gets below 25!
    Skin cancer is not nice. Queensland has the unenviable reputation of being the skin cancer capital of the world.
    Even here in Victoria (which is considered positively icy) AT LEAST 1 in 3 people will have skin cancers removed during their lives. Mostly not, melanoma but still not fun.

  2. I admit I used to be a real sunworshipper, and used to (oh dear me) hammer the sunbeds during the winter so I still looked nice and brown.
    My friend getting ill really scared me - so it's bottle tans for me from now on. And thankfully I think I stopped it in time to prevent the wrinkles :-)

  3. April heatwave in Blackburn? What a shame there aren't many beaches. We have the sea and sand but a mere 18 degrees, which satisfied us until i read your post!

  4. Well if this holds out for the weekend, Im taking the dogs down to Formby on Sunday so that they can have a play in the sea - it's just a pity it's over an hours drive for me to get there now :-(


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