Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Im so excited - Lorrie comes on Sunday !!! yayyyy

No - Im not having a hot date with someone called Lorrie (nor am I having a rather large van delivered either).

On Sunday, I shall be going with Murphy to pick up the new addition to our little Moorland family............Im getting a new dog.

She is absolutely beautiful and her name is Lorrie.

Ive always had 2 dogs, until my ex partner decided to "steal" one of them and he has point blank refused to give her back - even though she was my baby for almost 12 years. I hoped that Murphy would settle for being an "only dog" but despite me leaving it for 4 months to see how he got along on his own, he is still desperately sad without canine company. So I made the decision to get another - and to be honest, I actually miss having two of them creating merry hell in my home.

As much as I love puppies, I know a young pup isnt practical for me, and there are enough dogs in the world that nobody wants, so I decided to rehome an older dog. Then struggled with myself over which breed.

And I kept coming back to Border Collie every single time. I swore after Minstral (my other dog) that I would never have another BC because she was such a handfull when she was younger. She came from a farm at 6 months old as she was refusing to run sheep and I fell in love with her when I saw her....until she started to eat the house. Every night I came home she had done something else - like eaten the floorboards (honestly), chewed a hole in the wall, or ripped up the carpet. But they have such intelligence and personalities that I couldnt resist getting another to replace her - and besides, they are the only breed of dog that has the stamina to keep up with "himself". And he loves Border Collies - Im sure he thinks whenever he sees one that it's Minstral coming back.

Anyway - Im digressing a little here.
So I started trawling the dogs homes (but after ending up in floods of tears outside the last one I visited as I couldnt pick just one dog and leave all those other dogs with their sad faces wondering "why didnt she pick me?") I decided to check out the private rescues and rehoming centres.

And lo and behold I was put in touch with one of the top Border Collie breeders in the country who had just had one of her dogs returned to her after 6 years. I still cannot fathom why someone would turn their beloved pet over for rehoming after that length of time - I would never part with Murf - not even if it meant I had to live on the streets. He's my baby. But I am not going to start going through the whys and wherefores of the whole thing. Because at the end of the day, other people making silly decisions has resulted in me finding Lorrie.

And wait until you see some photos of her which I will post hopefully on Sunday sometime. She is a stunner. And such a lovely placid and friendly girl. She is the same age as Murf so thats a bonus, and she was also a top show champion when she was owned by her breeder and even appeared at Crufts - although the people she was sold to at 3 years old didnt do very much with her after they bought her.

Ive got her spot set out for her bed, and have bought her a new feed bowl and a lead. Murf and I bought her some Markies (a firm favourite with all dogs) but he decided that he wanted to try them to make sure they werent poisoned - and so we need to now buy another packet for Lorrie :-)

The whole village know she is coming on Sunday, and so I expect we will have a reception party waiting to meet us when we come home with her. And I really hope that she will settle here with us. Because one thing I know how to do well is love my dogs. And I think she will like us, because for the last year with her previous owners, she was locked in a house for 14 hours at a time with very little exercise.

She's going to get such a shock when she sees the farm and the woods and the open moors. And I know that Murphy is going to have her tearing round like a maniac with him chasing the chickens and the cows and hunting for rabbit in the brambles, and running after the deer up on Anglezarke Moor.

I cant stand to think that a lovely dog has been neglected in any way, so I regret to say that I will probably be spoiling her rotten with cuddles and squeaky toys and lots of loves on the sofa with me and Murf. I also have a sneaky suspiscion that he will have a quiet word with her and say "if you sneak up on the bed in the night, and give her the puppy dog eyes when she tells you to get off, she'll let you stay up there" "Oh and if you jump up and grab your lead every time she gets up out of her chair, we get an extra walk - especially if you start whining"..... I can see me being taken for a complete and utter mug.

Dogs eh? Dontcha just love 'em? :-)


  1. I do, I love em.

    Our Molly (a Labrador) passed away last year.
    She has left a Molly shaped hole in all our lives.

    A Border Collie, what a handful. They have so much energy, have fun with her.


    Publish or Perish

  2. Must admit/confess I'm a collie addict too
    There is something about them...exhausting and exasperating at times but boring never

    Congratulations on the the New Girl!

  3. Al, Im so sorry to hear you lost your Molly. I dread to thnk how I will feel when the inevitable happens with my pets. I hope you manage to fill the "Molly hole" in the future.

    Val, thank you. Im glad there is another Collie lover out there. I just hope she doesnt try to eat my house like the last one did :-)


  4. Lucky Lorrie - she's obviously coming to the best possible new home. I hope you have many happy years together.

    As your Auntie M will tell you, I too am passionate about dogs and have always had rescues. Until last year, when the two oldies (a Lab/Border Collie cross and a Chocolate Labrador went to the great kennel in the sky, I had three. Now, it's just the Black Labrador AKA the Edinburgh Boy and me, almost home alone - but not quite. Now I do dog care - day, overnight and holidays and the most frequent guests are . . . Border Collies, including regulars Frank, Ted and Hagrid. Then there's Fred, the Black Lab/ Jack Russell cross (yes, just the thought of it makes the eyes water); Black Labradors, Bella and Duke; the (assorted) terriers Ted, Bob and Murphy, and, the newest guest, German Shepherd, Mondo. Thankfully, not all here at the same time.

    The Edinburgh Boy is a gracious host and is delighted to have so many new chums. As for me, well, I'm as happy as anything, living my small girl's dream of living in the country with lots of dogs.

    All I have to do now is juggle the writing with the canine care . . .

  5. hahaha Im trying to picture a Lab/JRT cross. Although I saw a dog on a rescue site that looked for all the world like a German Shepherd - same length of body, head was the same size.... and then I looked at the full body shot and he had little teeny legs. Was a GSD crossed with some sort of terrier (they werent sure what). I couldnt help laughing - reminded me a bit of Peter Sellers when he did his Toulous Lautrec impersonation ;-)


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