Saturday, 30 January 2010

Oh no - I have a new passtime!

I can't believe I have been introduced to the joys of blogging by my 60-something year old Aunt. I intended to read hers, leave a comment, and then log out.
Instead, after browsing through lots of other blogs and becoming more and more interested in the concept, I've started off my own.

Up until today, I have limited my thoughts and ramblings to the rather huge collection of diaries that have grown in number over the years, and which at present are packed away in a very large box, kept in what I have lovingly nicknamed "The Glory Hole" aka my spare room.

I can't bare to do anything else with the room at the moment, as the previous occupants of my house decided to paint it's walls fluorescent pink..... not terribly horrific for a little girls bedroom in a modern house perhaps, but as this is a 300 year old cottage, it's just wrong on so many levels. So, the poor little room is destined, for the forseeable future, as a dumping ground for things that I can't be bothered unpacking, throwing away, or designating a proper place in my new home.

In my own defence, I have only been here for three months, and as the rest of the house needed re-painting (given the gaudy colour choices used in every room) I am sure that the little pink bedroom will survive as it is for another couple of months.

Hmmmm, so what else do I want to write down on my first morning as a blogger?

Well, I'm recovering from a broken arm at the moment (another excuse to not paint the bedroom). This was a legacy of the lovely ice and snow that we had here on the West Pennine Moors for 5 weeks. I was walking my dog on New Years Day evening, just coming out of the forest at the back of my house, and down I went. What a start to 2010. But I got a lovely ride in the ambulance, plenty of gas and air (which didn't work by the way), a 6 hour wait in A & E, and was then taken home by my lovely friend Laura (who was still suffering from the most incredible hangover after polishing off a bottle of Jagermeister the previous evening). As ill as she was, she made me cheese on toast, a cup of tea and then stayed over in case I did anything else to myself that night.

I'm lucky to have such good friends. I jokingly said to her that if it was the other way round and SHE was the one with the broken arm and I was the person with the monumental hangover, she would have been getting a taxi back from A & E, and her cat to make her the cheese on toast !!!


  1. Just worked my way down to this first post. I'm really pleased that you have started blogging but i would like you to modify that sentence at the beginning - something like 'introduced to blogging by my incredibly youthful 60-something year old aunt.' Thank you! auntie M xxxxxxxx

  2. haha - point taken :-)
    I shall give you an especially youthful mention in my next blog x

  3. Hello M's niece; I'm M's virtual and now very real friend, D - brought together very happily by the blogosphere.

    And how welcome you are. It's a lovely, quirky, warm blog, full of all sorts of wonderful things. You are also a dog lover, which places you among the higher beings.

    May all your cyber-connections be as happy and as durable as your aunt's and mine.

    PS. Like your aunt, I am not really 60-something, at least not in my head. Nor in my dreams, come to that.

  4. I can't see any cat making cheese on toast (except for itself).


    Publish or Perish

  5. I'd said sticking to Wonderful Aunt would've been

  6. Oh thank you all very much for your comments. I actually didnt expect anyone to read any of my stuff - apart from my Aunt - so it was a real shock tonight to log on and see 7 comments. WOW!!!

    I now would like to re-phrase (very publicly) that my aunt is not only wonderful AND youthful, but the best cook and giggler.

    ps. I totally agree with you Al about the cat and the cheese on toast. What is the old saying "Dogs think they are human, but cats think they are gods"............
    And Im also glad someone else recognises us dog lovers as "higher beings", although my mutt thinks Im more of his personal slave :-)


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